What’s the difference between Chef’s Pass Food Tours and other tours?

Chef’s Pass is focused on the guests experiencing the restaurants’ ambience and cuisine in a setting that is not rushed. This is not a street food or “tasting/sampling” tour. Each restaurant serves three sit-down, table service courses (not just tastings) and each course is served individually. You will spend 45 – 50 minutes at each location.

Great care is taken by the restaurants to provide you with an experience that is truly representative of their work.

The courses of each tour have been intensely scrutinized and curated to deliver a wide variety of dishes representative of local ingredients and cuisine.  The one exception to “local” is at Barcelona Tapas during the evening tour, which uses some ingredients sourced from around the world.

We know that the amount of cuisine served at Chef’s Pass is more than other tours. We firmly believe that the quality of the cuisine served is some of the most outstanding in the Puerto Vallarta region.

Chef’s Pass does not suggest or include tipping automatically. Tipping at Chef’s Pass is NOT expected. If you want to leave something extra for the restaurants or guides, that is at your discretion.

Why are you “a little” more expensive than the other tours?
A: We do not encourage tipping where the others do encourage a 20% gratuity (or add it on automatically).  So, when you add tips to the price of other tours, the price of our tours is actually lower.  Also, the Chef’s Pass – Puerto Vallarta experience features sit-down, full-service restaurants and cuisine, which is more involved than tiny “tastings.”

Is all the food included in the tour price?
Yes and you’ll enjoy A LOT of great food!

What is the difference between the lunch and dinner tours?
A: The lunch tour features three restaurants, serving nine courses. The dinner tour features four restaurants and 12 courses. Lunch tours are held during the day and feature more casual food and preparations. Dinner tours are held in the evening and the food is a bit more refined and complex.

Can we share our meals?
A: Sharing is encouraged! But everyone in attendance must have their own ticket, so tours cannot be split.

Are the restaurants clean?
A: Participating restaurants are among the most highly regarded in the Puerto Vallarta area. Great care is taken to provide the healthiest of dining environments.

What’s the deal with transportation? How do I get to the tour?
A: Taxis or your hotel transportation will be able to bring you directly to the front door of the first restaurant on the tour. Buses are a convenient option and will drop you off within blocks of the first stop. You are responsible for returning to your hotel, but Chef’s Pass will make sure taxis are on stand-by at the last restaurant.

Are the tours good for kids?
A: Older children with adventurous palates may enjoy the tours. Participating restaurants are unable to accommodate special requests and no kids’ menus are available. It is not recommended to bring young children in strollers as it can be difficult to navigate cobblestone streets.

Do the guides speak English?
A: Yes! All guides are fluent in English and are excellent, engaging communicators.

Is tipping expected?
A: No. As with any service, if you feel a restaurant or your guides deserve a little extra, that’s up to you. You will not be asked for a tip.

Are beverages included?
A: Each restaurant provides a small welcome beverage – some with booze and some without. Additional beverages of your choice are available for purchase at each restaurant.

Is water in restaurants safe to drink?
A: Yes, all restaurants use bottled water. Some may bring the water in larger pitchers to pour into glasses, but the water and ice are purified, never tap water. (This is true for all restaurants in Puerto Vallarta).

Are tours refundable?
A: Tours are 100 percent refundable if canceled 48 hours before the start of the tour, 50% between 24 and 48 hours and are not refundable inside 24 hours.  However, the non-refundable cancellations are provided a “rain-check” for a future tour valued at the amount that was not refunded.

Are tickets transferable?
A: Absolutely. Simply contact us and let us know the person who will be unable to take the tour as well as the name of the person replacing him/her.

More Details

1. If you are concerned there is too much food for you, you can take uneaten food with you. “Doggy Bags.”
2. Chef’s Pass – Puerto Vallarta Food Tours are unable to accommodate special dietary requests. The participating restaurants do not focus on vegetarian or vegan cuisines, but several non-meat dishes are featured on both food tours, so vegetarians should be satisfied with the amount of food they receive.
3. Chef’s Pass – Puerto Vallarta lunch and dinner food tours are built with a focus on local ingredients — that means many dishes contain seafood, corn and gluten. While participating restaurants are unable to accommodate special dietary requests, there are many dishes served that do not contain common food allergens.
4. Chef’s Pass Puerto Vallarta tours are walking food tours. The distance between restaurants is between one and three short city blocks. Total distance is about four blocks for the lunch tour and eight blocks for the dinner tour.
5. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. The streets of Puerto Vallarta are made of cobblestone and guests will encounter several hills.

– Please use the Contact Us page with any additional questions.